The Seattle Bike-Share Feasibility Study was produced by a team of graduate students in the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. The report assesses potential user demand and policy implications of a public use bike-share program in Seattle, Washington. The project was commissioned by the Seattle Department of Transportation in January, 2010, and was completed and presented to the City of Seattle in March of 2010.

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Entire Report, 5.1 MB

Main Report, not including appendices, 3.4 MB

Executive Summary, 721 kb

Appendix: Indicator Maps, Additional Information, 9.2 MB

Chapter 1: Introduction, 406 kb

Chapter 2: Demand Analysis, 921 kb

Chapter 3: Policy Framework, 1 MB

Chapter 4: Conclusions, 819 kb

Seattle Bike-Share Studio

University of Washington College of Built Environments Department of Urban Design & Planning

Seattle Bike Share
  • Jennifer Gregerson
  • Max Hepp-Buchanan
  • Daniel Rowe
  • John Vander Sluis
  • Erica Wygonik
  • Michael Xenakis

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