The Seattle Bike-Share Feasibility Study was produced by a team of graduate students in the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. The report assesses potential user demand and policy implications of a public use bike-share program in Seattle, Washington. The project was commissioned by the Seattle Department of Transportation in January, 2010, and was completed and presented to the City of Seattle in March of 2010.

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Seattle Bike-Share Studio

University of Washington College of Built Environments Department of Urban Design & Planning

Seattle Bike Share
  • Jennifer Gregerson
  • Max Hepp-Buchanan
  • Daniel Rowe
  • John Vander Sluis
  • Erica Wygonik
  • Michael Xenakis

You have probably heard a lot about cycling already, but this will explain the most aspects of cycling and why it is still widely popular until today. I also don’t think that it will every go away.
In fact, more people are getting into it nowadays. When you are a cyclist, you are aware that it benefits your health. You will also find out about the countries that have the most cyclists, other good points of cycling, and the popularity of cycling.
People in other countries use cycling as their means of transportation more than cars because their cities are built for cyclists, but some countries are starting to follow suit by putting bike lanes to keep them safe.
BICYCLE INFOGRAPHICS: All About CyclingPhoto Credit: BigStockPhoto

Top 3 Countries


  • This country has the most number of cyclists in the world because 99.1% of their population use bikes to travel around. Their roads are built for cyclists and even their structures are. If you set foot in this place, you will encounter a lot of cyclists all day and people here are physically more fit because they burn a lot of calories while biking.


  • Denmark’s population is composed of 80.1% cyclists, which is also a good number. This means the majority of the people living here use bikes for different purposes as well.


  • Germany is not far behind Denmark with 75.8% and this is why they are used to riding on bikes no matter where they are. Most of the countries in the world don’t have to be like the Dutch living in the Netherlands, but at least try to be close to the Germans to keep their bodies healthy.

Cycling’s Health Benefits

  • It keeps health good because your cardiovascular health improves because your heart rate is controlled. Your level of stamina increases and you won’t get tired easily.
  • You will become stronger especially your leg power. You will use your lower most of the time to control the bike and pedal to keep you moving. If you want to become stronger in all aspects of cycling, have a certain goal.
  • If you started cycling to lose weight, then you are doing the right thing. Cycling for one hour lets you burn at least 400 calories, so if you constantly cycle and have incorporated cycling into your lifestyle, then you are going to lose weight in no time and have a very slim body.
  • Sleep also improves because of cycling. It relaxes your mind and body and after a long day of cycling, your body literally just wants to rest. Your mind is also kept calm after cycling, so it will not disturb your sleep.
  • Your mood will become better because cycling wakes up the happy hormones in your brain and this will affect how you interact with the world around you. If you are in a good mood, everything else will follow.
  • There is an improvement in your brain activity because cycling helps you think clearly and better. It even helps you come up with better ideas that can make your life better. People who constantly innovate things in their life turn to cycling when they need a new idea.

Cycling’s Mental Benefits

  • When you are out cycling, there is always a chance that you are going to meet new people who share the same interests as you and riding goals. There are groups that you can be part of and they will be good for your motivation because there will be people you can train with. Especially with mountain biking, it’s exciting to be part of a team and enjoy the ride. If you’re a beginner and looking for a good mountain bike, we found this helpful guide for you: What makes a good mountain bike?
  • There is a sense of freedom every time you get on that bike and ride off to somewhere. Since you are controlling where the bike goes and you get to see a lot of sceneries, you will definitely feel free. You can be in your own thoughts as you cycle which also gives you a sense of liberty within your mind.
  • While you are on the bike and alone outside, this can be a time for you to reflect on a lot of things that can improve your business or life in general. People who involve cycling in their life have the opportunity to be bombarded with new ideas. Sometimes they see things outdoors that contribute to their stream of thoughts to think of new ideas.

Cycling’s Ecological Benefits

  • Bikes don’t use fuel so they do not contribute to the air pollution. They help in decreasing the carbon dioxide in the air.
  • They are ecologically friendly to use because no harmful materials to the environment are being used to construct bikes. They do not cause harm to both humans and animals.
  • Bikes help in saving oil because they do not use as much as what cars need to function properly. You just have to apply lubricant after every months when your bike is up for maintenance.

Great Calorie-burn

Cycling lets you burn a minimum of 400 calories in one hour, which is impressive and your legs will become toned in no time.

An important outdoor activity

  • 70% of the world’s population use a bike to get from one place another and even people who own cars also a bike because they use it for moving around the city or neighborhood for a change or for exercising.
  • 29% of people in the world use bikes to travel, especially those who are used to it because they cover great distances even if they are on a bike. They see it as something more practical and benefits their health as well.
  • About 1% of people in the world get into the sport of cycling, which affects their life in a very good way. They also train to achieve their cycling goals, which is usually to be able to ride longer and faster than ever before. Some join races and contests which makes their training more interesting.

This is the information that you need to know about cycling and how it has impacted the world in a good way. People who have decided to give it a try can only speak of good things about cycling.